EarthTeam: It Takes a Team to Protect the Planet


EarthTeam is a global, frontline alliance of individuals and organizations united in protecting our planet from pandemics, species loss, climate change, and habitat destruction.

We share a vision: a world reset, with species increasing, temperatures decreasing, natural areas expanding, and communities thriving sustainably, and safe from outbreaks.

Rather than working in silos, we join forces. We recognize that today’s threats to our planet point to the same solutions, which form the basis of our holistic Planetary Health approach:

EarthTeam is a global, frontline alliance of individuals and organizations united in protecting our

● Protecting Wildlife

● Preserving Natural Habitats

● Reforming Agriculture

We recognize that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably linked.

EarthTeam members come from all walks of life and promote Planetary Health at every level of our society through advocacy, education, training, protection, and more.

EarthTeam was born from the EndPandemics alliance. Launched in early 2020, during the onset of COVID-19, EndPandemics focused on spotlighting the root causes of zoonotic outbreaks, and on promoting solutions to prevent them in the future.

EarthTeam is taking this vision to the next level – activating solutions that protect the wild, reduce demand for wildlife, and make our food production and systems safe and healthy.


EarthTeam combines community, learning, and action to protect and regenerate our planet.

We offer a platform for individuals, groups, and organizations from all geographies, cultures and generations to talk together about threats facing our planet’s health, and how to support each other’s solutions, while creating new ones together. EarthTeam facilitates open communication and effective coordination. We spotlight leaders in their fields of practice, giving them a global platform for sharing, and helping them mobilize resources and scale impacts.

EarthTeam features:

Community: we foster communication and collaboration, including monthly virtual town hall meetings, working groups, and a website that supports communities of practice.

– Learning: our distance learning platform features tools and training courses for those wanting to improve their own capacity, and that of others, in wildlife protection, habitat protection, and regenerative agriculture.

– Action: our global community calendar and project map enhance stakeholder coordination toward common goals.


Standing Actions Supported By The Alliance Include:


End commercial trade in wild animals

Convert agricultural subsidies to favor regenerative farming

Reduce the demand in wild animals, their parts and derivatives.

Capacity Building

Counter-Poaching Training and Mentoring

Counter-Trafficking Training and Mentoring

Regenerative farming Training and Modeling


Building, supporting Planetary Health networks

Building, supporting Wildlife protection networks

Nobody can save Mother Earth on their own. She deserves and needs our team effort.

Join EarthTeam and become a partner in finding solutions together.


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